Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Decampo Show

"they are foxy to me, are they foxy to you, I will agree..."

The Corey Harts of the rap game: Outward Obtooce and Coinflow $

Handhell did a karaoke-style set because Kirsty had recently undergone a throat op (she communicated through a guitar and whiteboard). Ex-Batrider Toby filled Kirsty shoes along with Mia, shown here caterwauling The Bites' classic 'Adelaide'. I don't know what I was doing, getting in their way mostly. I tripped on a lead and did a faceplant on the corner of the amp, and yelled "I'm OK, I'm OK!" Of course no one was paying attention. I then bumped into Rene's guitar a few minutes later. He gave me a great big whack.

De Campo ventured out and blew everybody's mind, I mean who knew she could sing like Martha Davis

A spectator rather pleased with himself

Above: a scene from the afterparty. No pictures of headliners The Bad Luck Charms, who were over from Tasmania. That's sad because they put on a real cold-blooded old time.


FJG said...

is that lady holding a penguin

boy moritz said...

Same penguin body-type. This one you fill full of liquor and it does the shake. Senorita Di Lanzo was in the middle of a cucaracha as I recall