Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Biter

Biting my nails, some say it’s bad (it is) they be very sore at the moment, I really need to stop (I can’t), they are concealed on the tram because of the embarrassment of having wee nubs.

The funny thing is I'm rather keen on the loveliness of hands, slender fingers, a classy constellation of veins, prominent knuckles though I must say beyond natural aesthetics, I am not interested in other people’s hands and don’t have the urge to bite them.

I started biting my nails way back when and never stopped. Now they're just these unsightly nubs that de Campo smacks all the time when they're near my mouth. I quit for awhile once back at university dating this Christian, or rather she was dating someone else I was just seeing her. At least I think she was a Christian. She took me to Church one Sunday and the preacher asked everybody to hold the hand of the person next to you and tell them that you loved them. I held out my nubs that time, but I never went back.

My mother once said if you don't stop chewing them we're going to get some toxic jelly you can get it from K-Mart and then every time you put them in your mouth you will become very ill. She used to yell at me from her seat during soccer matches while I was down in the goal not getting any action, all the action was up field and I was all alone at the other end just nibbling away. I think I picked up ringworm once from chewing them. Not that I ever swallowed them per say. To paraphrase Nico, I always make sure my hands are clean…these days.


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