Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lulabelle & Brock

The woman on the left is 47 year-old Lula belle Wolverton-Shagpile. A former drinker, she gave her life to the flight industry and has since seen forty-one continents! She wrote a controversial high-flyin’ romp during the Me Decade called ‘Peanuts and Perfume Over Peru’ that went on to star Jacqueline Bissett and Gil Gerard (ABC Movie of the Week, September 9th 1980). She’s famous for saying ‘Don’t you go there!’

The fellow to her right is none other than Lula’s fourth husband, strongman Brock Womack. Brock is a retired stuntman and the occasional catalogue model for colourful cotton shirts. Born and bred on Cannery Row, Brock played Burt Reynolds’ double in several films, including Hooper, where he kicked Jan Michael Vincent’s ass! Brock once spent a week with Richard Harris in Southeast Asia that neither of them can remember. He occasionally experiences semi-serious flashbacks involving Harris in a tutu running wild on the streets of Hanoi, but Brock is perfectly untroubled by it and deeply smitten with his one and only Shagster.


lulu said...

Your mind just races! We enjoyed the little story about Lulubelle and Brock. Which one drinks the coke? I wish I had known Brock when his life was so exciting!

boy moritz said...

The Coke was left there by a guy named Eddie.