Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Scorcese's Departed

Finally saw it. Wished I hadn't. Reminded me of 'In The Cut' it was so bad. And the music sure licked. Some racket by some Boston/Irish punk-pop thing who absolutely bite played repeatedly throughout the film. Marty what are you doing? Raiding Matt Damon's iPOD? I was completely mortified. Plus he recycled songs that he has already used before in better movies. I thought it was bad when Dirty Dancing used Mean Streets' Be My Baby, but this was much worse.

The actors seemed very cozy in their misogynistic roles. The plot stank. This was one wincingly terrible comedy of masculinity. Mark Wahlberg, praised for his repulsive one-liners - sucked! Ray Winstone was in it and he was good. Brought some subtlety and nailed the Boston accent, which is like my least favourite noise in the world (the only other decent Boston accent I can think of is the one Ben Sliney used in United 93, but he was playing himself). Destroy the faux Boston accent!

I sure like Ray Winstone. Have you seen Nil by Mouth? It's an oldie (well it's not that old), but it's a goodie. Ray Winstone, boy is he good in that one too. Nil by Mouth was directed by Gary Oldham, who would have been a more interesting casting choice than Nicholson in this, even though Gary has done that part (hyperbolic nutjob) to death.


David said...

Hey Shane I loved this review, but I am intrigued to know if these three paras were the reason you bunked off partying last night dude... Chrissy G passed out and we put his hand in a bucket of water and guess what? Well, it's not looking too good, actually, he can't see or hear but he keeps asking why you left early.

boy said...

He never asks about me don't lie. I don't believe anyone ever asks about me. What's the point?