Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Two Guys Discuss Deerhoof’s New Album

M: I hate to say I'm over it, but I've listened to ‘Friend Opportunity’ I think 5 times in the past 24 hours.

Moderator: Oh mah lawd. Better than ‘Runners Four’?

M: It's proggier.

I feel like I'm 14 and listening to ‘Heart of the Sunrise’ on headphones for
the first time. I'm giddy. I really can't explain it, it covers so much
ground it's like I'm on the TGV or something. As soon as you're dumbstruck
by one moment, the song bolts off in some other direction, but it's exciting
natural rather than jarring. It's really left me spinning.

You know when you hear something for the first time and it makes you jump
outta your chair and look around to see if anyone else heard it, although
you know nobodies there? It's like that.

I'm surreptitiously listening to 'Matchbook Seeks Maniac' on my Ipod at work right now.

H: I have listened to ‘Friend Opportunity’ twice. I would agree with Matt in its proggy, aural/oral? textures. Don't worry Shane it has enough leftfield feral cats being thrown from a bridge guitar squiggles to continually
please. A mash up of ‘Runners Four’ and ‘Apple O'.

This morning I asked Elizah if she wanted to hear the good news or the bad
news just before we went to work: the bad news is that Jackson just shit his
pants, the good news is that Pitchfork gave the new Deerhoof an 8.9. She was
not amused.

M: You just saved a bunch of money on your car insurance.

Seriously though, did you notice this morning's review took about ten words to mention Yes (teases mullet lovingly)? Again, Shane, don't worry too much, the atonal aural nonsequiters are still there, but man so are those gigantic prehistoric riffs. Reference Believe E.S.P. Also, Jerrell, how about Cast Off Crown? That just freaks me out. It's got maybe 7 different suites (Yes displayed ultimate pretension by listing these on their records, continues teasing) within 3 minutes. WTF?

Two hours later, H has a final thought…

I think what really pissed Elizah off was that I let Jackson wallow in his shit for 5 minutes as I read the review.

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