Thursday, October 05, 2006


I lost the plot mid-way through when Henry’s head pops off (incidentally replaced by alien boy head, his kid, a strange creature his equally strange, yet normal-looking girlfriend gave birth to although that’s neither here nor there. Sitting next to Jesse James Shepherd at the time, the smooth operator in the vivid synth outfit Sir, who then said “good message for birth control” to which I giggled lightly), drops from a second-storey window, hits the street, retrieved by Mexican boy who smuggles head in his arms (much to the unspecific chagrin of a toothless weathered wino, gasping from a nearby bench) and after a brisk walk through a much deserted streetscape, delivered to a hairy hotel concierge who sneaks boy and said head into a dark, mechanical room where a Harry Dean Stanton-type, working on some ominous piece of machinery, takes head in hand and armed with hand drill begins putting hole in head, the contents of which gradually revealed in a slim, cylindrical object that is inserted into the sinister machine and turned on — once in motion machine shows assembly line of #2 pencils, a concept of which made absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. So I’m thinking head of lead, Lead Head, what’s the expression…I didn’t know. My brain had long departed the scene.

When the movie ended I explained how the scene lost me and Jesse exclaimed, “Eraserhead!”

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boy said...

That's uh Jesse Jackson Shepherd