Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Harry and Me

We bought like every great TV show on DVD in Thailand. Which brings me to Season Five of Will and Grace.

I winced when I saw Harry Connick Jr. rescue Grace on a white horse in Central Park after she hit her head on that pole.

Being a big fan of his Dad’s work…who am I kidding. I don’t know the Dad and I don't much care for the son. You know Harry Jr. endorses Connex trains down here in Melbourne. One of the wittier campaigns I’ve come across.

I don’t like him. Even hearing his name used to make me reach for the bucket and don't start me on that gumbo jazz thing of his, I think I am about to be sick, but getting past that I have to admit, seeing him on Will and Grace, it's like I'm watching a version of the man I thought I was going to be, before I became the man I was, who is me, a charming man – usually takes a few dozen oysters and even then it’s not guaranteed.

I am probably owed royalties and all that.

Now I am not here to tell you what I am all about, I won’t do that, I couldn't do that if i tried and I’m not so solipsistic (yes I am) to think everything’s about me, but I’ve definitely picked up some eerie behavioural similarities between Harry and me.

For instance the way Harry works a crowd. Like myself, Harry will say something for everyone and then someone, Will most likely, will say something rude and Harry, like me, will diffuse the situation by pretending what was said about him doesn’t really hurt him too much. He might even sing a few bars.

“I like to eat my pie before my meal
Make a snake with an orange peel”

Good ‘ol Harry.

To be honest I thought that there was a lot more to me than this.


David said...

That's exactly the sort of thing HE would say.

Anonymous said...

You'd look great with his hairstyle!

boy said...

I’ll speak to my semi-estranged barber Craig. Hey any idea how to express a photo of my hairdo to Harry as a matter of urgency?