Friday, July 21, 2006

The Pre-Funk Mailout by Olivia De Campo: #1 in an occasional series

Second last chance to get frisky in The Tote front bar!

It's been freaking ages!!

So, this Saturday it's The Cheats second last fiery front bar show! 5pm kick off, FREE, so come on down!

After The Cheats have packed away their amps and the ear plugs have been pocketed (man, it is LOUD!) and it just ain't time to hit the Old Bar yet, we'll be heading back to the homestead with the fundamental intention of some totally rad and vastly overdue PRE-FUNKING! Oh yeah! Perhaps even thrown a Napier or Raffles meal in there for good measure.

Whatever! Come on! Let's kick this one in the nuts!

See you Saturday! Somewhere, sometime!

de Campo XX


David said...

If there's some nuts to be kicked, I'll be there.

David said...

Plainly I bragged too soon. Muscle inflammation in my neck laid me low for 48 hours. I'm back in business now. So, where's the party?

boy said...

New Estate played their best show since, well...since the last time you didn't go to one of their shows.

Dave (and Paula) Dungstall said...

According to your photo, David, your neck still looks pretty stiff. Ha ha

David said...

Au contraire my photo shows me as a neckless liar