Thursday, June 15, 2006

Gus Van Sant is a silent movie director trapped in the body of a promiscuous art-school hottie.

Ate tacos and watched his lugubrious Last Days, a movie in memory of Cobain. Mumbles is played by Michael Pitt and he manages to make it through the entire movie without saying anything redeemable. He wanders a large estate in yellow shades and a Freddy Krueger top he got off Johnny Depp in the first Nightmare on Elm Street picture. Every so often a pack of his so-called friends drop by, and ask him for heaters, a plane ticket to Idaho, song lessons, etc. No dice. Even the kittens end up starving.

According to a depressing on-set extra that came with the DVD Van Sant likes his actors, mostly these art-damaged nitwits, to improvise their scenes. The results see Michael Pitt making macaroni and cheese believing it's art. Features a well-placed Boyz II Men song.

Despite efforts of self-sabotage, the movie doesn't diminish Gus in the slightest. He’s still a hottie.


Mistress Bel said...

Dear Boy,

I am enjoying your blog. Is H really going to post something or does H stand for Harvey?

boy said...

Or Howard Hughes sans the cleanliness